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for programmable logic and its verification

Who we are

We are a Czech company engaged in development, consultation and training related to programmable logic technology, especially FPGA. Our core mission is to help companies develop new products and applications that require the use of this technology to accelerate data processing, reduce latency, power consumption, or other hard-to-reach parameters. The company’s founders and employees have long-term experience with designing FPGA systems from their work in the CESNET’s Liberouter project, cooperation with commercial entities, and also within the Accelerated Network Technologies research group at the Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology.

Company founders

Pavol Korček - Brnologic

Pavol Korček

Chief Executive Officer

has participated on several projects in which FPGA technology was utilized. He led teams of other researchers and developers and won several prestigious awards in collaboration with commercial entities. These are, for example, the award for the “Best cooperation” from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic or the award of the Minister of the Interior of the Czech Republic for using the results of a research project directly in practice by state security forces. He co-founded the spin-off company RehiveTech, which is active in the field of embedded devices for the Internet of Things.

Lukáš Kekely - Brnologic

Lukáš Kekely

Chief Technical Officer

has many years of experience in solving and managing research and application projects focused mainly on FPGA acceleration technology. As part of his work as an assistant professor at Brno University of Technology and also as a project manager in the CESNET association, he led groups of researchers and developers in the creation of project results, i.e. functional prototypes. In addition to practical implementation activities, he is also the author of research articles presented at international scientific conferences often published in impact journals. He has also received several prestigious awards for his professional activities, including the Josef Hlávka Award, the Werner von Siemens Award and the Minister of the Interior Award

Jan Kořenek - Brnologic

Jan Kořenek

Main Strategist

is the author of a number of commercially successful hardware devices in the field of computer networks. He has been involved in hardware acceleration of algorithms using FPGA technology for a long time. As an author and team leader, he participated in the creation of one of the first 100 Gb accelerator cards, which won the “Czech head” award in the Industry category. He also works at Brno University of Technology and is one of the founding fathers of Netcope Technologies and Flowmon Networks, which was bought by Kemp in 2020

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Sharing human resources

we offer the capacities of our team in a contractual form. This means that our employee will work for a specified period of time according to your requirements on the tasks defined by you, exclusively or only up to the agreed amount of working hours. In this way, you can gain quick access to quality FPGA designers, senior developers, and verification specialists according to your requirements

Custom development

we also offer a custom development of IP blocks or the development of the entire FPGA firmware for your product. Before each such development, personal consultations take place (we offer consultations also independently without development), the result of which should be a detailed specification of the requirements. We are also able to offer an analysis of FPGA solutions and make our own designs of IP blocks and components that meet the requirements of your product.

Consultancy and training

we also offer consultancy services and on-line or on-site training on topics covering a wide range of knowledge and skills necessary for perfect mastery of FPGA technology. Of course, the training can also consist of several topics exactly tailored to individual requirements. We are able to offer various training formats ranging from a several-hour overview lecture or webinar to an intensive multi-day training with practical examples.

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