Quo vadis DDoS attacks?

Abstract of the webinar:

Distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are volumetric attacks designed to flood the network with superfluous traffic. A DDoS attack results in either degraded network performance or an outright service outage of critical infrastructure. The global DDoS landscape is witnessing a remarkable evolution, marked by an alarming surge in the number, frequency, volume, power and duration of DDoS attacks. Moreover, today’s massive DDoS attacks are more complex and far more damaging.

In this webinar, we provide an overview of DDoS attacks. We will discuss different detection and mitigation options, providing brief guidance for network and systems engineers, network infrastructure operators and other interested parties. To keep the peace with the evolving DDoS landscape, we will focus on acceleration of network traffic processing utilizing programmable network interface cards (SmartNICs) and Machine Learning (ML) to automatically analyze and mitigate the attacks at the high-speeds, minimizing the impact on the legitimate traffic. The presentation will show a real-life DDoS attack to demonstrate the symbiosis of the SmartNICs and Machine Learning techniques. The presentation will conclude with key take-aways and DDoS outlook.

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Topics to be covered in this webinar include

  • An overview of different DDoS attacks
  • Understanding the role of network traffic processing and monitoring utilizing programmable network cards (SmartNICs)
  • Understanding the role of Machine Learning to automatically analyze and mitigate the attacks at the high-speeds, minimizing the impact on the legitimate traffic
  • Real-life DDoS attack to demonstrate the symbiosis of the SmartNICs and Machine Learning techniques

Speaker BIO

Martin Žádník is an experienced project manager and accomplished senior researcher at CESNET. With a Ph.D. from Brno University of Technology, Martin’s expertise in optimizing network flow monitoring sets him apart. His passion lies in pushing the boundaries of high-speed network monitoring and traffic analysis tools, making him a true innovator in his field.

During an exciting internship at the prestigious University of Cambridge, Martin delved into cutting-edge flow monitoring and network traffic shaping using state-of-the-art hardware-accelerated programmable network cards, showcasing his commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

Martin has made significant contributions to various research and development projects, collaborating with government and industry partners. As a principal investigator, he has led impactful initiatives such as ‘Sharing and Analysis of Cybersecurity Events’ and ‘Technology for Processing and Analysis of Network Data in Big Data Concepts.’

His international involvement extends to multiple European projects, where he plays a pivotal role in advancing sharing of Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence. Martin is an active participant in projects like SPARTA, SAPPAN, and GÉANT, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in the ever-evolving world of network technology and cybersecurity

What others say

Defending against massive DDoS attacks is difficult. Organizations would need to make significant infrastructure investments to keep services running in the face of attacks of any moderate size and larger.

Google, October 10, 2023

From “Google mitigated the largest DDoS attack to date, peaking above 398 million rps”

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